Home Security, Mamaroneck, NY

Our team is dedicated to providing you with home security solutions in Mamaroneck, NY.

Home Security
Have you noticed there have been some recent break-ins in or near your neighborhood? Are you worried that you don’t have a security system installed at your home? Feeling like your home is secure while you are home or away is very important. At Thompson Lock & Supply Corp., our team is dedicated to providing you with home security solutions that make you feel better about being away and safe when you are home at night.

  • Home Alarm System – One of the first lines of defense against an unwanted guest is a home alarm system. This alerts you and your neighbors that there is a potential threat.
  • Security Cameras – Security cameras allow you to view different vantage points of your home, giving you greater access to areas that don’t have good visibility and helping you identify potential threats.
  • Security Locks – Whether it’s a deadbolt or a keyless lock, we install security locks that keep your home and outbuildings secure.
  • CCTV Security – If you need to keep an eye on your home at all times, we can install a closed-circuit television system that gives you instant access to multiple areas of your property any time of day or night.

There is nothing more important than you and your family’s security, and that’s why we offer multiple home security options to make you feel more at ease. At Thompson Lock & Supply Corp., we are dedicated to customer satisfaction and provide award-winning services at low prices. When you need a home security system, our team can provide recommendations and complete the installation so your Mamaroneck, NY home is safe and secure. Contact us today for more information about home security. We look forward to talking with you.





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