CCTV SecurityIf you’re ready to take your home or business security up a notch, we recommend looking into a CCTV security system. CCTV cameras are placed strategically around the property and allow for active video monitoring, so you can be alerted to any security threats. If you are going to use a CCTV security system, placement of the security cameras is crucial to making the most out of your security system.

First, identify the points of access an intruder is most likely to use to gain entry to your home. Back doors and windows that aren’t facing the street are common targets for burglars, since they are the most discreet. Your security cameras should be aimed at these points of entry and be high enough that they aren’t easy to tamper with.

If you have any valuables that you are especially interested in protecting, this would be another good place to install a security camera. Home safes, jewelry boxes, outside sheds with expensive equipment, and garages are all places to consider.

Wide-angle lenses are ideal for cameras aimed at the outside property. Try to position the camera to view the largest area possible. To get the best picture, HD cameras are available to improve resolution and make identifying a burglar more likely.

CCTV security is an excellent way of maintaining the safety of your property. Sometimes the sight of cameras alone is enough to deter intruders from attempting to gain access to your house. At Thompson Lock & Supply Corp., we have all your CCTV security needs covered, so come see us when you’re ready to seriously increase security at your home or office.