Home Security

It doesn’t take spending much time on the internet or television to realize that home security is changing. People are fed up with being victimized or feeling unsafe in their own home, and the home security industry is ramping up efforts to create technological advances that can help. Making your property a veritable Fort Knox would certainly give you the home security you seek, but if going to that extreme is beyond your budget, there are still some underrated home security strategies you can undertake.

  • Fake Signs – While you are saving up for a home security alarm system, it doesn’t hurt to advertise that you already have one. Criminals know that some of these may be fake, but they’d rather not take the chance, so you will reduce your chances of being victimized.
  • Car Alarm/Keys – If your car remote activates a panic alarm on your vehicle, keep your car keys handy when you’re inside the house, so if you hear something suspicious going on outside, you can hit the alarm, which will likely scare off the trespasser.
  • Better Hiding Places – Don’t keep your valuables in the places that criminals look first. Don’t keep your firearm in your nightstand or most expensive jewelry in a jewelry case on your dresser. In fact, bedrooms are the first place criminals go. Putting valuables in high places in a child’s room is a good idea, as that is one of the last places they’ll look.
  • Get Evaluated – Calling a home security professional to get your home evaluated can help you learn what you should improve. Some local police departments will do this, too, but the professional will be able to quote you for the changes you need as well.
  • Lighting – Any lighting deters crime, and motion-activated lights are among the best for not only scaring off a burglar, but also letting you know that someone was trespassing.
  • Improve Locks – The most expensive locks in the world are the cheap ones, as they are not protecting you in the least. If you have a limited budget and cannot afford a full security system, at least make sure you have the best locks on your doors and windows possible.

If you need to institute good, solid home security strategies and don’t know where to start, talk to our professionals at Thompson Lock & Supply Corp. We offer a variety of home security products that can give you the peace of mind that your home is as protected as possible. We have over 30 years of experience in the Mamaroneck, New York area, so we are confident we can provide the best strategy for your home security needs.