Panic Devices, Westchester, NY

Panic devices ensure maximum emergency safety for your Westchester business.

Panic Devices in Westchester, NY
When it comes down to running a business, it isn’t all about the bottom line. Here at Thompson Lock & Supply Corp., we understand that more than most because we are running our own business! A business requires leaders who think not only about the best way to make their business profitable, but also how to take the best care of their employees. One of the best ways to show your employees that you care is to ensure their safety in their place of work, and one way you can do this is through panic devices.

Panic is not an easy emotion for most people to deal with. The fight or flight response of our brains shuts down many of our other functions, and we cease the ability to think clearly and logically. Many people have reported that in case of emergency, they had a hard time dialing 9-1-1. Their fingers simply wouldn’t act how they needed them to. Because of these diminished motor skills, it is crucial that businesses equip their doors with panic devices in case of emergency to best ensure the safety of their employees. In fact, many places legally require such devices. In a situation such as a fire, people rush to get out the door. You do not want to leave your employees stuck behind someone who is so scared that they are having trouble working a doorknob! Panic devices can be wired to your security system and work in conjunction with them, ensuring maximum safety.

If you want to ensure the safety of your employees for your Westchester, New York business, please don’t hesitate to contact us about panic devices– it might just save someone’s life!

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