Electronic Cylindrical Locks, White Plains, NY

When you’re looking for an added layer of protection for your White Plains home or business, electronic cylindrical locks are a great step to take.

Electronic Cylindrical Locks in White Plains, New York
When it comes to security, sometimes the best routes you can take to protect your home or business are also the simplest. Did you know that as many as 30% of burglaries occur in a place where the door was just left unlocked? An unlocked door is akin to laying out a red carpet for any would-be thief, and our team here at Thompson Lock & Supply Corp. wants to ensure that your White Plains, New York residence or business is safe and secure.

Electronic cylindrical locks are a great solution for anyone who is looking to add an extra level of security for their home or business. While these types of locks are most often seen on the entrances to businesses, there’s no reason why you couldn’t incorporate one at your home as well. Electronic cylindrical locks are great for families and businesses because it is a code, not a key, which will grant you access. That means no more worrying about lost keys or possible copies being made without your knowledge. Instead, you can feel comfortable knowing that the only people who will be able to enter your home or business are those who have the code, which can be any number up to ten digits. That leaves you with a code that has virtually endless possibilities for someone trying to guess their way in.

Because electronic cylindrical locks are strong and ultra-secure, you can feel confident that your home or business will not be an easy target by a skilled thief who can pick a lock. A step above a solid door and a deadbolt, an electronic cylindrical lock is a great way to keep your White Plains home or residence safe! Contact us today with any questions.


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