Keyless Locks, Westchester, NY

Tired of losing your keys? We can install keyless locks at your home or business in Westchester.

Keyless Locks in Westchester, New York
If you are looking for freedom from your key ring, the solution may be to install keyless locks at your home or business in Westchester, New York. There are many types of keyless locks, but the basic idea of all such locks is that you enter a code to gain access instead of needing to carry a key. Simple keyless locks may only have one code, which you can give to family and friends. More complex keyless locks can be programmed to accept many different codes and can even record when the different codes are used. You can give a unique code to each employee or family member and see exactly when each person entered the residence or office space. This makes monitoring your property very easy.

Here are some of the advantages to installing keyless locks:

  • You won’t need to carry keys.
  • You’ll never lose your keys again.
  • You won’t need to hide a spare when you have someone housesitting or for unexpected needs.
  • You can change the codes whenever you need. If you have a disgruntled former employee, you can prevent entry quickly by removing their code from the system.
  • You can track and monitor when each code is used.

Here at Thompson Lock & Supply Corp., we have over 30 years of experience serving the lock and security needs of residential and commercial customers in the Westchester area. We provide award-winning service and low prices while using the best product distributors. To discuss your unique needs or to learn more about keyless locks, give us a call today.

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