Re-key a lockAfter purchasing a new property or when they want to regain control over their keys, many homeowners or business owners may not even realize that re-keying a door lock is an option. Not only is re-keying a more affordable option than replacing a lock, but it is a great opportunity for a professional locksmith to perform general maintenance on your locks.

You may not even be sure what “re-key a lock” means. When a locksmith is going to re-key a lock, he or she will take out the pins and springs inside the lock cylinder and put new springs and pins in. After you re-key the lock, it will work with a new key. This is also a chance for a locksmith to carefully examine the lock and determine if it is a good candidate for re-keying or if wear and tear means that replacement is a better option. Re-keying will save you money in most cases.

There are times that replacement is a better option and it isn’t a good idea to re-key a lock. This is usually because of excessive wear to the lock or damage to the door, sometimes caused by burglary. If you are looking to upgrade the quality of your locks, replacement is also a better option. If you want to change the aesthetics of your door with new hardware or a different metal finish, replacement is going to achieve your goal more easily. Finally, you may need to consider lock replacement if you are trying to make the door easier to manipulate for someone with a disability.