Locksmith, Westchester, NY

When only a 30+ year experienced locksmith will do for your Westchester home or business, call on us.

Locksmith in Westchester, NY
Most people only think of a locksmith after a break-in, when moving into a new home and wanting new locks, or when accidentally locked out of their Westchester, New York home. While it is true that you can call on us at Thompson Lock & Supply Corp. for any of those situations, we offer other services, as well.

For example, we can help you unlock a safe in your home if you’re having trouble with it, have lost the key, or forgotten the combination. We can also upgrade your home’s locks, so your home is more secure. We can either change the locks or re-key them. If you have a number of access points and each has their own key, we can help you by getting them all the same, so you only need to carry one key. We can also make replacement keys and do other hardware replacements.

Our technicians stay on top of new technologies and are happy to show you the newest products on the market. We carry high-quality products that are known and independently tested for high performance. A locksmith is your best friend when it comes to making your home as secure as possible. Our 30+ years in business has given us invaluable insight into what works and what is just a gimmick.

If you have questions about security for your home and would like input from a trained locksmith, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are happy to assess your home and provide recommendations. We also perform locksmith services for business properties.








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