Key Replacement, Westchester, NY

Call us for key replacement for your Westchester property, so you’ll always have a spare or two around.

Key Replacement in Westchester, NY
Have you taken a good look at your keys lately? Consider that you use the key to your Westchester, New York home at least once or twice every day. Over time, the key can become worn and in danger of breaking or not operating the lock anymore. It is better to seek key replacement before this happens.

At Thompson Lock & Supply Corp., we recommend always having one unused key for your locks that doesn’t get used so it can be used as a master for key replacement. If you do not have extra keys, it isn’t a bad idea to have them made.

Another consideration is to leave a spare key with someone nearby who you trust. This can help you if you get locked out because you lost or misplaced your keys. It can also be a good idea so that a neighbor can check on you if you haven’t been seen for a while and are not answering the door, or if you are on vacation and need someone to feed your pet or water your plants.

We also handle key replacement for businesses, so if you are looking to hire more personnel and need more keys, call on us to have a few more made for you. We can also change the locks if you’ve had personnel leave and want the added security.

If you have questions about key replacement or other locksmith services, don’t hesitate to contact us. We have served the Westchester area for more than 30 years with timely and professional service that keeps your security in mind.

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