Unlock a Safe, Westchester, NY

If you need to unlock a safe at your Westchester home or business, call on us for professional advice and assistance.

Unlock a Safe in Westchester, NY
Safes are a useful item to have both at your Westchester, New York home and your business. You likely have any number of things you would like to secure, including jewelry, cash, firearms, important documents, and priceless memories. But what do you do when your safe won’t open? Sometimes it is a case of mechanical failure, but it can also be because you’ve misplaced key or forgotten the combination. At Thompson Lock & Supply Corp. we can unlock a safe for you.

Unlike our other services, which are done quickly, to unlock a safe takes a bit longer. This is because we take the added time to ascertain that the need is legitimate. We wouldn’t want to help someone commit a crime, and you wouldn’t want us to unlock a safe at your property for someone other than you. For this reason, we’ll need the appropriate proof that you are, in fact, the rightful owner of the safe and its contents.

In most cases, this can be determined right away or with proper documentation. In some cases, it can be because the original owner is no longer available for whatever reason and that can be a bit trickier to work with. Whatever the circumstances, however, if you’re the legitimate owner of the safe, we can help you gain access.

Every safe is a bit differently, so we will communicate with you which method we will need to employ to gain access. In some rare cases, we may not be able to open it without damaging the safe, but we’ll always leave it up to you before proceeding. We can also answer your questions about the best safe for your purpose, whether that is a drop safe, fireproof safe, floor safe, gun safe or some other type. Contact us today for all your locksmith needs in Westchester.


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