Home Alarm System, White Plains, NY

Here in White Plains, you can rely on us for anything relating to a home alarm system.

Home Alarm System in White Plains, New York
There are number of ways in which you can keep your home safer. The first and most obvious is to make sure that all external doors are always locked, even when you’re home. But this isn’t always enough, which is why more and more homeowners around the country are adding home alarm systems to their properties. One benefit of a home alarm system is protection for your valuables, including electronics, appliances, and jewelry. Having an alarm in place can deter a burglar from attempting to break into your home, since he or she will know that it’s going to be a lot harder to get away with it.

A home alarm system can benefit more than just your home. Some studies show that when multiple homes in one neighborhood have alarm systems, the number of robberies on that street is lower than neighborhoods that don’t have a lot of protection. You can potentially help yourself and your neighbors by installing an alarm system.

The cost of an alarm system is often the deterrent for property owners who don’t use one. But you may be interested to know that having an alarm can actually reduce your homeowner’s insurance costs. So when you consider the cost, make sure to weigh it against the savings on insurance. Here in White Plains, New York, you can rely on our team at Thompson Lock & Supply Corp. for anything relating to a home alarm system, from selecting the right system for your home to installing it and setting it all up. Call us today to learn more!


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