Cylindrical Digital Locks, Westchester, NY

Cylindrical digital locks are taking Westchester properties into the Age of Technology.

Cylindrical Digital Locks in Westchester, NY
In this day and age, it seems like we use our smart phones for just about everything. We use them to keep in contact with the world around us, to order a car, to place a take-out order at our favorite restaurant, to pay for our gas, and even to choose potential dating partners. With all these things that we can accomplish on our phones these days, doesn’t it make sense that you have your phone unlock your front door for you, as well? Well, with cylindrical digital locks, you can do just that!

A cylindrical digital lock has much of the same elements as a traditional keyed lock. The lock still is bored through the door with another bar coming out the side of the door that enters the door frame, which keeps the door closed. The difference is that while keyed doors require a key to displace tumblers in order to turn the knob, a cylindrical digital lock can be opened mechanically rather than manually. You simply need to use your phone to unlock the door, or another option is a coded door. A code for your cylindrical digital lock works much like a PIN at the ATM. You simply choose a code that you can remember and then only when the correct number sequence is entered can the door be opened.

Many of our customers here at Thompson Lock & Supply Corp. enjoy the convenience and added level of security that cylindrical digital locks supply their homes and businesses. Access is granted only to those who know the code, rather than to anyone who can pick a lock or may have an old copy of your key. Additionally, it enables teens or children to enter their home without the worry of lost keys.

If you would like to learn more about cylindrical digital locks for your Westchester, New York property, we want to hear from you! Contact us today.

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