Cylindrical Digital Locks, White Plains, NY

Cylindrical digital locks give you peace of mind as well as security for your White Plains residence.

Cylindrical Digital Locks in White Plains, New York
Think fast– how many items do you have to take with you before you leave the house every day? As our lives have become more fast-paced and interlaced with electronic gadgets, chances are you’ve seen that number increase. While some of the electronic advances have been welcome (looking at you, smartphones!) the sheer number of items that need to accompany us everywhere can make just keeping track of your keys a hassle. In fact, car keys are sighted as one of the most frequently misplaced items per week. Here at Thompson Lock & Supply Corp., we want to help you take a load off your mind by helping you with cylindrical digital locks for your White Plains, New York residence.

If you are one of those people who are constantly misplacing your keys, a cylindrical digital lock can be a great solution to the constant annoyance of being locked out of your house. Rather than relying on spare keys, neighbors, or simply opting to leave your door dangerously unlocked, cylindrical digital locks enable you to program a code that will open the lock, key or no key. Additionally, these locks can be synced to a smart phone or other mobile device, so you can unlock the door virtually hands-free! White Plains parents will be excited to use these locks once they realize their doors will open no matter how many items of baby gear they have in their arms!

If you would like to learn more about the many safety and security benefits a cylindrical digital lock can give you, contact us today.

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