Security ProductsWe usually think our office security is fine with a standard door lock and closed windows – but are you really protected from a home break-in? Do you have your children or pets monitored by a sitter, but you aren’t really sure what goes on inside your home while you aren’t there? If you have questions about your home’s safety and security, there are several security products that will ensure you feel more comfortable about your home or office when you aren’t there.

  1. Door Locks – Many times we think our home or business is secure with a standard door lock, only to find that we’ve had a break in. Upgrading your door lock to something more secure will ensure your home or office is protected.
  2. Key Pads – Key pads are excellent security products that give your home or office extra security, especially with the option to create unique codes for each person who should have access to the building. There is no need to worry about carrying a set of keys when you utilize this option for security.
  3. Safes – Your important documents and valuables should always be protected, and having the right safe in which to keep your items stored securely will make you feel secure and ensure you are worry-free.
  4. CCTV – If you want to monitor your home or office for any reason, CCTV allows you the comfort of checking in on your children, pets, parents, or business without physically being there.

If you feel that your security system or current security products are inadequate, come to us at Thompson Lock & Supply Corp. for information and all your updated products. Our professional team can direct you to the right security products to meet your needs and provide expert installation so you feel secure. Contact us today to learn more about how we can assist you.