Panic DevicesPanic devices are a safety installation that provides fast and easy exit for anyone in your building. During a fire or other catastrophe, occupants are under distress, and the simple act of opening a handle can be difficult to do during a panic. Panic devices are activated simply from being pushed on so even a person falling against the door with a panic device would open the door. This is especially important in a situation in which an emergency evacuation could cause a stampede and people could be trampled or crushed.

Not all buildings require panic devices by code. Typically panic devices are required in places serving an occupant load of 100 or more, schools, and areas that are determined to be high hazard or prone to explosions. You will need to consult the code your district abides by to determine the specific requirements for your place of business. Regardless of the code, panic devices are never a bad idea, and if you want to protect your customers and employees during a time of distress, you would do well to have them installed.

There are various styles and types of panic devices available on the market. At Thompson Lock & Supply Corp., we have a selection available to you and can help you decide which is best suited for your place of business based on the aesthetics and needs of your particular space. We also do all installation and maintenance needed on the device. We look forward to helping you with your panic device needs.