Emergency LocksmithWhen you think about an emergency, you might think of an ambulance and police cars. Other times, you have an emergency that requires a different kind of expertise – a locksmith. We don’t really think about the keys we use on a daily basis or the safety precautions we take at our home or business until something goes wrong.  Here are a few of the top reasons you should keep an emergency locksmith number available for those unexpected security and safety events.

  • You’re Locked Out – Did you rush out of the house this morning, and accidentally leave your keys behind? Having an emergency locksmith can allow you to get back inside safely and securely.
  • You’ve Been Burglarized – No one wants to think about a home or business break-in, but having an emergency locksmith will ensure you have new security measures in place to prevent additional damage.
  • Your Key is Broken or Lost – If you’ve broken your key in your door lock, or you have searched high and low and cannot find the key you need, an emergency locksmith can help you navigate the next steps to removing a damaged key or replacing the key you lost.
  • You’ve Forgotten Your Safe Combination – We all have important documents that we keep secure – so when you forget your combination, you may be frustrated. An emergency locksmith can help you achieve access to your safe and set you up for future success and security.
  • You Moved to a New Home – This may sound simple, but not all previous homeowners rid themselves of their previous keys. This could leave you with a potential threat when you move to a new home. Make sure to call your emergency locksmith to have your home rekeyed as soon as possible.

When you need emergency locksmith services, make sure your first call is to our team at Thompson Lock & Supply Corp. With 30 years in the industry, there isn’t anything we can’t handle.