Access ControlIf you are looking to increase security at your business, access control is a great option. Traditional keys can get lost, copied, or stolen, allowing anyone who possesses the key to get in the door. Access control systems allow your locks to be accessed by key code, key card, or biometric screening, like a thumbprint. This ensures that only those who have been given access to the premises will be able to have access. This security system is a step above regular lock and key security systems and is ideal for your business if you are looking to have extra security or restricted access.

Access control also gives you an easy option to update your locks. You can change the access code for keypads at any time, so if there is a security threat or you have an employee quit or something similar, you can immediately change your access codes and keep the security tight on your premises. You don’t have to wait for a service call for someone to come out and change out all your locks and then go through the hassle of having to distribute new keys for all the locks. It will also save you the cost of paying for a service call. This ease of changing codes gives you the option to change the codes more frequently and further increasing your security.

At Thompson Lock & Supply Corp., we are here to help with your businesses security needs. We can recommend an access control system that works well for you company and employees and get your system up and running. We look forward to helping you increase the security on your company property.