Garage Door OpenerAre you having trouble with your garage door openers and aren’t sure who to call for help? Are you thinking about replacing your current garage door openers but need some suggestions for the best products? You may be interested to know that a locksmith can often provide servicing for garage door openers so you don’t have to worry about completing repairs on your own or stress over your broken system. Several options for garage door openers through a locksmith include: 

  • Keypads – Whether your keypad has stopped working or is old and outdated, a locksmith can assist you in repairing your current keypads or choosing a replacement that will meet your needs.
  • Remotes – Garage door remotes are meant for convenience, but when they aren’t working anymore, you need a professional who can help you address your concerns. Anything from replacing the batteries, to resetting the remote, to changing to a universal remote is a possibility with a locksmith.
  • Sensors – If you have garage door openers that sense when your car is pulling up the driveway, it can be pretty frustrating when they aren’t working properly. A locksmith can help you fix the problem or help to choose a new method for entry into your home.
  • Installation – Having a professional help you choose the right security products for your home is helpful, but having an expert to help install garage door openers is also critical to ensuring your new products are working properly. A locksmith can help with installation so you are fully satisfied with your home or office security system. 

At Thompson Lock & Supply Corp., we can assist you with garage door openers and many other security products for your home or office. Give us a call, so we can address your concerns and make sure you have the full security and safety you need. You won’t need to call anyone else once you’ve worked with us!